First, a few words about us

Software House - what does it actually mean ?

It means that we are a company focused on producing dedicated software for our clients. We operate exclusively in the b2b sector and create tailor-made applications that solve various problems of our clients and allow them to grow faster.

It also means that we do not produce our own solutions (unless we support some institutions as part of CSR activities). We design, program and implement software for an external client. We work with the client by delegating entire teams or individual people who provide support for the project.

Recruitment paths

How to recruit to us ?

Internship Program

Twarz za książką

Every year, around summer holidays, we organize internships for young programmers. The internship is paid and lasts for 3 months. 

The holiday internships are aimed mainly at students and graduates of universities in Lodz. This is a great way to start your professional career as a developer and enter the IT world.

Recruitment for such an internship usually starts during the Academic Job Fairs organized by the Career Office of the Lodz University of Technology. After collecting all the applications, we organize the test and choose the best people who then go to our internship. 

After the internship, about 90% of people receive a job offer from us as a Junior Developer.

If you are interested in our internship or want to ask about something – just write to

Job offers

Programista przed komputerem

We usually place our job offers on popular portals such as We are also looking to reach the best specialists directly, be it through linkedin, or through relationships and recommendations from our people.

Who are we looking for? Mainly experienced programmers, devops, testers who will be able to quickly implement our projects. The minimum professional experience from which we are hiring to work at Exaco is 2 years. People with less experience are encouraged to participate in internships.

The main technologies in which we are currently working in in-house projects are Java / Kotlin on the back end and Angular on the front. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because we also implement many projects for our clients, which are based on very different technologies.

If you would like to try working with us and you already have some experience in any technology, simply write to

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What does recruitment look like with us ?


Step 1

Analysis of the documents you have sent.

Step 2

A telephone conversation during which we will arrange the details of the meeting.

Step 3

A meeting in our office or online, where you will meet your future supervisor and the project you will most likely find.

Step 4

You may have an additional appointment waiting for you for some positions.

Step 5

Welcome to Exaco;)

What will you gain by joining Exaco ?


And this is where we could end. Working in a team where people trust each other is our highest value.

Employment contract or b2b

You will decide which type of contract is most suitable for you.

Attractive salary

There are no miracles here – the salary must be attractive for you, and we must be able to earn on your work. If these two sides meet, we achieve success;)

Remote work

I do not know if it is still a benefit these days, but yes – we currently work largely remotely, but we miss the office full of smiles.

Flexible working hours

We start work around 7-10 am. We always try to get along so that we have some time in common for various meetings and arrangements.

Nice atmosphere and people

That is why we are writing so much and so openly here, so that he can check if this climate suits you. We spend a lot of time at work and the nice atmosphere means that you don’t want to leave work.

An atmospheric office

If you are from Łódź, you have probably passed our office more than once. We are located in a historic 19th century factory which gives our work an amazing atmosphere.

Ample parking

We have a lot of parking spaces in front of the building, and since we are already a bit outside the center, there is also a lot of space in the streets around. We also have a bicycle rack;)

Efficient hardware

Some work on Macs, others need 2 monitors, and others just a paw and a monitor. You are the one who knows best what equipment you need to work.

Delicious coffee in the kitchen

There is nothing better than freshly roasted coffee in the morning.

Events and trips

We’ve been partying a lot over the past eight years. We hope that these times will return soon

No fake

When we make an agreement, we keep our word.

And now see how we have had fun over the years; )