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What is Outsourcing? It is an acronym that comes from the words “outside resource using” and means nothing other than the use of external human resources.

Wherever you need to start a project quickly and you need the best specialists to implement it, Outsourcing makes sense and will work great. We will provide highly qualified specialists exactly when you need them and for exactly as long as the project lasts. You can focus on your business assumptions and our people will make them come true!

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Do you miss a specialist in a given field, because someone from the team has just passed away? Take advantage of our Bodyleasing services and pay only for specific working hours devoted to the project.


Do you have an idea and management staff, but you don’t have a team? Take advantage of Teamleasing services, in which we will build the entire team needed for the project for you. You will focus on the content and running the project.

Project Managment

Do you have your own IT department, but you lack professional project management? We can provide qualified Project Managers who will lead the project for you.

A few facts

Benefits of cooperation

Quick access to missing specialists

If your project requires immediate support, for example because someone from the team has left or the scope of the project has expanded, then it is worth using our services – we are able to quickly deliver the missing resources and save the project schedule.

Greater operational flexibility

You use the competences you need exactly when you need them and for as long as you need them. You do not have to pay for the maintenance of experts at project stages where their knowledge is not required.

Fast and measurable results

Our specialists enter the project and deliver measurable results very quickly – we don’t waste time, we have a task to accomplish and that is the goal. 

No recruiting expenses

Recruiting employees in the IT industry today is a huge cost that can be avoided by using our services. You pay only for the working time used by our specialists, and you do not bear the costs of obtaining them.

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